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We will Promote your Music, Cooking, Makeup & Beauty, Travel, Kids and Gospel Videos.

Our Best Youtube Promotion Packages

Basic Packages

Basic A


* For targeting specific countries
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Basic B


* For targeting specific countries
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Basic C


* For targeting specific countries
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Standard Package

Standard A


* For targeting specific countries
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Standard B


* For targeting specific countries
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Standard C


* For targeting specific countries
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Premium Package

Premium A


* For targeting specific countries
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Premium B


* For targeting specific countries
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Premium C


* For targeting specific countries
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Why we have to do Youtube Promotion ?


Get Global Audience

Your video has the potential to be seen by customers around the world.

Youtube Views

Get Genuine Views and generate traffic to your Video, etc. Through Google & Native Ads.

Youtube Subscribers

Viewers who enjoyed your YouTube Content might be interested to subscribe your channel.

Keywords Research

Get Keyword research by our professional team for your content to promote your video to the Interested Audience.

Country Target Audience

Your video will be promoted to Specific Country Audience through price may differ, Contact us for a custom package.

Demographic Targeting

your video will be promoted to specific gender and age group as per your requirement, Contact us for a custom package.

Audience Targeting

Target the specific audience as per video content and audience interest.

Youtube Engagement

Viewers can leave comments, like the video, and share it cross-platform.

Earning money faster with our

Monetization Plan







No Bots Only Real People

Get Real With Ads Promotion


Any Query....See FAQ's


We use Google/YouTube Ads to promote your songs. Given the dynamic nature of advertising and the varying taste of the platform’s audience, we run a medley of various ads which run in harmony to deliver the top quality results on your videos. The ads that begin to perform the best are then prioritized and we continue to enhance the campaign from there.

I will set up your ad campaign within 30 minutes, it will take 12 to 72 hours to approve by campaign manager, once it is approved it will take 2-3 days to complete your video promotion

We know how important time is on social media, so we strive to start delivering within 24-72 hours 

WorldWide audience most include asian countries such as, Thailand,Indonesia Malaysia, Turkey, India, Saudi Arab ,etc,.
I can’t guarantee to get traffic from any specific country (for that need to ask me before place order, I have to check price as per the country target cost )

You won’t see a drop because the audience is 100% real and the promotion is organic.

In order to execute these campaigns we are exclusively using tool provided by Google/YouTube themselves. We use the budget of your purchase to run the advertisements and grow your video. There is just a small fee in the price for us executing the service. We work as a professional marketing agency who is doing your advertisement on your video. This complies 100% with the terms of YouTube and is therefore completely safe.


Yes, you can monetize your video and get ad revenue. The way we run our ads, the targeting will result in an average of at least 45% audience engagement. This ensures that your video will continue to grow after the campaign as it will be placed in Suggested Videos. This will further increase your ad revenue. Keep in mind, the amount of ad revenue is extremely dependent on your channel’s CPM costs. You can further look into this within your YouTube Studio account.


We got a lot of experience with advertisement over the years. Your investment will get you the best views/comments/likes an new subscribers ratio possible. We developed this formula alongside Google developers in Dublin and spent years perfecting it.

Yes, But you have to make individual purchases for multiple Vidoes. We would love to work on multiple projects of yours. We can promote one video per order
Give our formulia, this is less ideal. We target super specifically already and further narrowing the targeting can hurt the campaign. If you would like to target the US only, for instance, we would need at least 500% of the prices we offer, because it’s a very expensive country to target on + most of the users use ad blockers. This makes it also harder to target on.

Normally, the service starts within 7 days after purchase.

No, we can also promote tracks with just an art cover, but those are less interactive for your potential fans. We can even do vlogs and other videos.